Rescue Me Pups


This is BEAU!!!! And yes, he is a Pit Bull, and a very strong one I might add...he has such a great personality regardless of what he went through.  Beau was rescued from the Carson Animal Shelter on December 31st of 2010...a rescue was supposed to take him then they backed down on the last day that he was scheduled to exist on this of our members took him in when she got the call that he would be euthanized if she did not pick him she did...he was in horrible shape!! He was emaciated, dirty, had various scars on his face, and he had also gotten hit by a car when animal control picked him up from the streets!  Poor guy went through so much, he was probably a bait dog and because of the ignorance of those who take advantage of beautiful dogs like him, he was going to die at the shelter... 


         …Scared, abused, neglected, sad,     betrayed, mistreated…


This is what animal cruelty is all about. Beau had to suffer and he was going to be forced to pay with his life.  He was treated like a prisoner, like he was the one that wanted to be treated unjustly.  Yet, his tail was wagging from the moment they approached his cage to the moment he got in the car.


        ….Forgiving, loyal, courageous, grateful, strong, persistent….    


He is the one who inspires us to keep saving unwanted and homeless dogs that DESERVE the right to live a happy and long life.  Beau is now 100% healthy, happy, and is good with other dogs as well as kids.  He loves everyone unconditionally! He has become who he is now because of his foster (permanent) mommy.








 This is Belle, she is a 5 month old Chihuahua Mix that was found trying to stay warm in front of a church in the city of Compton.  She was lost, fortunately she had a collar and tags.  When the owner was informed that she was found, the owner did not want anything to do with her.  He said that she had escaped and he did not want her back because he still had not fixed the gate, therefore she was going to get out again and he did not want to deal with her.  Since he did not want her, she is now up for adoption.  She is very sweet, gets along with other dogs, cats and loves kids.  Please contact us if you would like to meet her.